Let’s talk about curly hair men!!

I was thinking the other day, why aren’t there many men with curly hair around? I know this thought isn’t the most intellectual thought one could think about but considering I love curly hair and curly hair men, it goes without saying that this wondering of mine does make sense, at least in my own little world :) I have curly hair so I want to see curly hair men damn it! lol

ok, I will talk about this curly hair gentleman later :-)

Ok, sure there are many men with curly hair, I’ve read up to 60% of men have curly hair including wavy hair and afro hair but I could not count more than 10 men with a stunning head of curls. Weird isn’t it? And the thing about it is we women love curly haired men like we love ice cream, curly hair is sexy! yet so few men dare to grow their curls a little over what would be considered a boring buzz :(

So I came up with a top 10 list of men with great manes of curls that any of us ladies would be jealous of (and love to grab too!). Here it goes:

Justin Timberlake’s blonde curls

Real shame Justin Timberlake keeps his head buzzed these days as he can grow great blonde coils, as a matter of fact Justin Timberlake had a curly mane in his late teens and was it a mane!justin timberlake young with curly hair


George Clooney’s handsome waves

George Clooney always keeps his hair short in a caesar haircut which is a shame because George Clooney actually has curly hair, and oh mamma does he have curly hair! George Clooney’s curly hair is more of a wavy shape and thick as it comes.

george looney with curly hair

Since George Clooney still keeps a thick mane well into his old age, I think we should petition for Clooney to grow his tresses just one more time!

Troy Polamalu’s long curls

Troy Polamalu plays NFL and is one big guy with an equally big…mane of curls! Troy Polamalu has been growing his curly hair for over 8 years and his hair has survived the the stress of getting hit all the time in the head running after a ball. Wicked I say!

troy polamalu withhis long curlly hair

Adrian Grenier’s beautiful hair waves

I think I speak for all the women in this world when I say that Adrian Grenier is one beautiful human specimen. Adrian Grenier’s wavy curly hair really enhances his masculine face, tanned skin and blue eyes…I’m drooling already! :-)

Corbin Bleu’s tight coils

Corbin Bleu not so long ago was a kid with a cute TWA (teenie weenie afro), but these days Corbin Bleu has grown into a fully handsome adult with a lustrous head of tight exotic coils. If black men needed proof that their kinks and coils can look great, then they’d only need to refer to Corbin Bleu for some hair inspiration.

Rogelio Samson from the Manly Curls curly hair blog

While Rogelio may not be as famous as the likes of Adrian Grenier or Corbin Bleu, Rogelio Samson certainly has the curly hair to compete with all of ‘em! Founder of the popular Manly Curls blog (www.manlycurls.com), Rogelio (surname “Samson”, for real!) is the online curly men reference and I’d even say the online curly reference for women too!

While in the offline word we may drool over the Timberlakes and Clooneys, in the online world we also have our toy boys, and Rogelio Samson of Manly Curls is one of them! Rogelio has the most beautiful long curly hair I have seen in a guy and I’m not the only one who shares this opinion of his curly hair as I read he has developed quite a female following. He has written two hair care books already so its fairly obvious Rogelio didn’t get his luscious curls – as he calls them – by simple chance. Love him!

Oh, and.ps, Rogelio is the curly hair guy in the video above :-)

Lenny Kravitz’s afro hair

Lenny Kravitz is the true essence of afro hair and a true example of how kinky curly hair can be just as beautiful as other hair types. Lenny Kravitz has worn his hair in dreadlocks, braids and ponytails, and he has also styled afros of all kinds and shapes.

And will you believe it Lenny Kravitz is 50 years old but he looks like 30 and has the same hair thickness he had in his twenties. Really all round dude!

David Bisbal’s latin curly hair

If there’s one thing you will learn reading the above Manly Curls blog is that there are many unknown – to us Americans – celebrities with great manes of curls. One of these dudes is David Bisbal, a pop singer from Spain who used to (not anymore) have beautiful long curly hair. Last I read of him he was planning to grow his curls again but the only news we have of him are in spanish and I will admit that my spanish isn’t as great as I think it is.

Will Smith perfect high top fade

We all know Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but Will Smith has sported some pretty cool curly hairstyles too! Will Smith had a high top fade haircut in Bel Air and he also had lots of fade haircuts. Just for that, I have to include Will Smith in my top 10 of curly hair men!!

Kirk Cameron fresh waves

We all remember Kirk Cameron curly hair back in Growing Pains. After Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron sort of disappeared but has recently come back to Hollywood. Kirk Caremon’s hair is now short and not so curly but I’m sure we could convince Kirk Cameron to grow his curls long!

Love curly hair men!

The above is my list of top 10 curly hair men, at least the ones that I can think of lol I’ll be updating the list and perhaps creating another one of menĀ  with cool hairstyles, I’m thinking Beckham with a Mohawk style lol Anyway keep in touch!